Mobile Gaming Controller Compatible with PUBG Mobile
Mobile Gaming Controller Compatible with PUBG Mobile
RM 7.69/Unit

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* Options : 【Activity Type】『Single Button』- (plastic material, two-way pressing)

86233 quantity available.

Mobile Gaming Controller Compatible with PUBG Mobile. Compatible for iPhone and Android Phones, the phone can be used with a screen protector and a phone case. Mobile Game Controllers are made with special metal sensor and easy to attach on your phone, sensitive buttons help you enjoy your game better.


Product Feature:
-Easy To use, high sensitive, physical button feedback. Using our mobile game controller, you can move, angle adjusts, aim, and shoot at the same time with the thumbs and index fingers of the left and right hand.
-Compatible for iPhone and Android Phones, the phone can be used with a screen protector and a phone case.
-Anti-Slip Design: Built-in anti-slip mat makes it more stable on your phone while playing, which will help you enjoy a better game experience.
-Simple Operation: With the phone triggers, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons and eliminate the trouble that uses thumbs only to operate - which would greatly increase the success of the game.

-Before playing the game, customize your shoot and aim buttons(in button setting for the game) under the touchpad of the mobile gaming controller.
Color: Yellow, black, white,


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