Minimalist Drawer Compartment Stackable Storage Cabinet
Minimalist Drawer Compartment Stackable Storage Cabinet
RM 17.12/Unit

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* Options : BN-5604 white

17850 quantity available.

A minimalist style storage cabinet with elegant colors that gives you a neat and beautiful environment. It has drawer compartments to let you store a wide variety of things and is stackable to help you maximize space.


-The top compartment features an open-top design and can be used to store tall bottles.
-The storage cabinets are neat and beautiful featuring minimalist style with elegant colors.
-The top of the cabinet body has protruding shapes which makes it stackable to maximize space.
-The drawers are easy to open and close and are convenient to use.
-It can be used to store a wide variety of things like stationeries and cosmetics.
-Made from PP material which is thick and sturdy, and is wearable and durable.

Product Specifications:
Product size: Approximately 32*19*7cm to 32*19*12cm
Materials: PP
Packaging: OPP bags
Colors: As shown in the colors list


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