Cute deciduous tooth and baby fetal hair keepsake tooth Storage box
Cute deciduous tooth and baby fetal hair keepsake tooth Storage box
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110 quantity available.

Collect and memorialize your child's growth with this keepsake box that can store deciduous teeth, fetal hair and umbilical cord. Keep track of your child's development by recording their birth record on the keepsake box lid and the specific date their deciduous teeth fell.



Can keep
- Birth record
- Deciduous teeth storage
- Lanugo storage
- The date deciduous tooth fall
- Umbilical cord storage
(Note: Chinese horoscopes design do not have umbilical cord storage)

How to take care of deciduous tooth
1. Boil the fallen deciduous tooth for 5 minutes.
2. After killing the germs, let it dry.
3. Before putting the deciduous tooth in the keepsake box, put cotton in to fix the position of the deciduous tooth.

Product information
Product name: sirwhiston deciduous tooth keepsake box
Weight: 0.65kg
Size: 10.8*10*2.5cm
Colour: Blue, Yellow, Pink
Material: Environmentally friendly resin
Function: To record and memorialize baby's deciduous teeth and lanugo


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