Children Sitting Posture Correcting Table Stand
Children Sitting Posture Correcting Table Stand
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Your child only grows up once, and they deserve the best posture corrector. Short-sightedness can affect a child’s spine development and height growth. Hunchback can affect a child’s learning and vision. By using this table posture correcting tool, you are able to solve these problems for your child.


8 features to help your child correct their posture:
1) 5 stages to gradually advance to improve your child’s posture.
2) Elevated panel: Suitable for most tables of different shapes and thickness, and even those with drawers. The panel is durable and has 5 EVA pads at the bottom to prevent slipping.
3) Smart voice: Uses a real human's voice.
4) Eye protection reminder: Anti-fatigue and photosensitivity reminder.
5) Prevents short-sightedness
6) Prevents hunchback
7) Odorless: Uses real silicone and high-quality ABS that are highly resilient to impact, and are odorless and safe for the environment. Does not contain any harmful substances and Bisphenol-A.
8) Adjustable: The height can be adjusted by turning the knob, and can be adjusted from 14cm up to 21cm.

Comes in 2 designs:
1) Writing Pad design: Just place it along the side of the table to use. Easy and convenient to use, and can be removed easily after usage.
2) Table Clip design: Just clip it onto the table to use. It is sturdy and is suitable for hyperactive children.


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