Brain and Logical Thinking Training (10 books) for Children 2-6 years old Early Childhood Learning
Brain and Logical Thinking Training (10 books) for Children 2-6 years old Early Childhood Learning
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The perfect 10 books set to support your child’s to learn the essential critical thinking skills! Instead of using smartphone Apps that may have distractions from notifications, this can do better in training your child's ability to focus and learn faster. It is filled with cute and colourful images that will attract your child’s attention, induce creativity and inspire the love for learning. Get one set of this to kick start your child’s learning journey now!


This set of brain potential and logical thinking training book helps your child to develop correct analytical thinking patterns, in turn, improving their analysis and problem-solving skills. This helps your child to learn and experience brainstorming too! Cute and colourful illustrations help your child to learn with a relaxed mood, which also fosters creativity. These books included a wide range of information and knowledge, which can help your child to develop a holistic knowledge and thinking ability.

Through using these books, you can enjoy playing and interacting with your child while also helps your child to improve their ability to focus. Specifically, these books train up 10 abilities of your child:
1. Creativity and imagination
2. Memory skills
3. Visuospatial skills
4. Differentiation and analysis skills
5. Language and verbal expression
6. Mathematical and reasoning skills
7. Observation and cognitive thinking
8. Analysis and critical thinking
9. Abstract thinking
10. Overall coordination ability


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