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Xiaomi Auto Water Tap - Mi Zanjia Faucet Infrared Automatic Induction Water Saver Sink
Xiaomi Auto Water Tap - Mi Zanjia Faucet Infrared Automatic Induction Water Saver Sink
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【Instant Mode】bottom sensor(Within 10cm sensing distance)for instant water flow, move your hand away will turn it off immediately.

【Continuous Mode】 Side sensor(Within 5cm sensing distance) makes the water flow out for 3 minutes. During the 3 minutes, swipe again to turn it off.

【Ultra-small Size】 It is half the size of a mobile phone and does not take much space. Simple and delicate design.

【The Water-saving Circuit】This is designed to save more than 30 percent of water compared to the normal faucet.

【Long-lasting Battery】With 550mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, it takes around 3 hours to be charged fully to provide you with a service span of around 6 months.

【Infrared Technology】It uses infrared technology base to provide you with immediate water flow all the time.

【Anti-overflow Protection】The is to prevent continuous water running if run out of battery.

【Easy Installation】 Retain the original faucet and use the supporting tools to easily complete the installation process.


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