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ENCH3N BlackStone 3D Electric Shaver Razor Men Type-C Rechargeable Shaving Beard Machine Man
ENCH3N BlackStone 3D Electric Shaver Razor Men Type-C Rechargeable Shaving Beard Machine Man
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【Black_stone】 💜 Ultra-thin double-ring knife net, double efficiency, without stubble. **The knife net blade group is double-ring design, which greatly increases the contact area between the knife net and the face, double the shaving efficiency, special knife net ultra-thin technology, more thorough shaving. 💜 ESM Intelligent Shaving System, "Super Brain" of Shaver, 5W high power, good experience power is very important. **The well-designed ESM smart shaving system delivers energy efficiency, with 5W of power, shaving fast, accurate and flawless. 67db low noise control (far below the EC international standard 75db), giving users a comfortable experience. 💜 Charging for 1 hour, Use for 2 months. **Black_Stone is fully charged in just one hour and can last up to 90 minutes. It is calculated on average 1.5 minutes per shave and can be used continuously for up to 2 months. Blackstone also supports plug-and-play. 💜 Separate design, the cutter head can be easily removed and washed. **Black_Stone cutter head assembly and fuselage are separated design. When cleaning, the cutter head cover can be pulled out and washed under the tap, washed, dried and inserted back into the fuselage. The operation is simple and effortless.


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