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Bear QZG-A14D1 3.0LAir Fryer Timer Cooker Non-Stick Fry Roast 小熊空气炸锅家用多功能全自动无油大容量炸薯条机
Bear QZG-A14D1 3.0LAir Fryer Timer Cooker Non-Stick Fry Roast 小熊空气炸锅家用多功能全自动无油大容量炸薯条机
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Product Description:

Electric air fryer lets you enjoy your favourite fried food without the added calories from oil

Air circulation, instead of oil heating, no fried more healthy

Bottom vortex heat flow technology, fast heating, more uniform heat 

360-degree hot wind heating, fast and efficient

Adjustable temperature from 0 to 200 Degree Celsius for cooking food

Non-stick pan coating material with detachable tank, easy to clean

Strong heat dissipation system, protecting machine and prolonging service life

Liquid crystal display, precision control constant temperature

Stainless steel outer layer heating pipe to shorten heating time

With timing function and auto-protection, safe and convenient

Ergonomic handle, comfortable to use

Low noise design

Conical heat cycle base

High speed air cycle technology

Double pot structure

Reduce fat intake

Simple and clean

Less smell and less mess

Timer up to 30 minutes

Convenient programmed settings

Safe to use

Enjoy health

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

Capacity: 3.0L

How to use:

1.Plugged in and open the frying pan, put the food inside, and close the fryer

2.Setting for the timer to adjust the cooking time of food

3.Setting for the temperature adjusts the cooking temperature of food

4.when the timer be ring, cooking is finished

Package Includes:

1 x Electric Air Fryer

1 x User Manual

1 x Charger Cable.


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