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Technical Audit Service

The computer network in an office is becoming a necessity in many companies these days. IT is very much required to ensure smooth daily operations and also to carry out required work functions. With such importance, disruption to the office computer network will affect productivity of staffs and delivery of business services. Such disruption will bring a negative impact to the affected customers. Hence, the security and the integrity of the office computer network needs to be good.

RapidCloud provides a Technical Audit Service to businesses that requires an assessment of their office network. With the audit, we will also provide reports, analysis and suggestion for the company's management decision making.

   Our Services Includes :
  • A complete inspection of all PCs and computer network peripherals for virus and unauthorised applications that affects network availability (E.g. Peer-to-Peer downloading software)
  • Ensuring that Anti Viruses are running and updated to avoid virus outbreak
  • A report and analysis on current performance
  • A consolidation of all the PCs software profile for MIS record purpose
  • To provide suggestions (If any) to improve the office computer network
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