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Server Security
Security Issues
Intrusions, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Phishing, Spams, Denial-of-Services attacks, Spywares. These are some of the today's network security concerns. With the increasing amount of business information and critical data residing in your IT systems, any vulnerability severely compromise your privacy, cause data loss and eventually leads to financial losses. Business activities will be severely affected as reliance and dependency on IT system has become the norm in many modern business operations. Security issues to your IT systems also affect your customers as sensitive information (such as private financial details and credit card numbers) are transmitted across the network with the increase of online commercial transactions. A compromise of your customer’s financial information from your IT system will tarnish your company’s image and may also potentially bring upon adverse legal & financial implications to your company. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your IT System is secure.
Have a peace of mind with RapidCloud
RapidCloud provides Managed Server Security services to help you in managing your server security. RapidCloud will provide the expertise to monitor and ensure your server is secure. We assist in checking your server security sanity and providing recommendation to any security threat that is discovered.
   RapidCloud’s Managed Server Security services includes the carrying out the following managed tasks:
  • Installing Operating System Service Pack
  • Installing Operating System Patches
  • Installing Operating System Hot Fixes
  • Installing Operating System Security Updates
  • Running Spyware scanning to detect any existing Spyware threat
  • Updating Spyware pattern so that the latest Spyware threat can be detected
  • Running Virus scanning to detect any existing Virus threat
  • Updating Virus pattern so that the latest Virus threat can be detected
With RapidCloud Server General Administration services, you can focus more time and effort on your business. Leverage on our knowledgebase, capabilities and resources to achieve the true potential of your IT systems.
RapidCloud Managed Security Server services are offered at only RM 318 Per Month, which includes:
2 hours per month on server security services
Carrying Out The Server Security managed tasks
Monthly Managed Services Report
You can also combine the Managed Server Security services with our Server General Administration services for a bundled price of only RM 530 Per Month. This bundled promotion will include:
2 Hours per month on Managed Server Administration
2 Hours per month on Managed Server Security
Server Administration Checks
Server Security Checks
Monthly Managed Services report

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