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Server General Administration

Managing Complexity
To gain competitive advantage in today's business environment, organisations leverage on IT to improve efficiency and enhance productivity. The rapid advancement and increasing complexity of IT systems can quickly escalate your IT assets management cost and eventually increase the total cost of ownership. The advancing complexity also creates a need for technical expertise to maintain and ensure the IT system is operating optimally. Many companies find creating a technical team to support the IT system not justifiable as it is not in line with its core business. RapidCloud’s Managed Services provides an alternative solution to manage your IT systems.

RapidCloud's Services

RapidCloud offers comprehensive administrative services designed to manage the complexity of your IT system. We help you to ensure your IT server achieves maximum uptime and always operate at its optimum level. In Server General Administration, we will analyse your server’s general health and provide you with reports and recommendations.

   The Server Administration Checks Include:
  • Hard disk storage utilisation and availability
  • Memory resources usage
  • CPU resource usage
  • Analysis on the server’s system logs for anomalies
  • Analysis on the server’s application logs for anomalies (Windows Servers)
  • Analysis on the server’s HTTP logs for anomalies (Linux Servers)
  • Server’s Average Bandwidth utilisation
  • Server’s uptime with MRTG graphs
  • The Number of Server Reboots
With RapidCloud Server General Administration services, you can focus more time and effort on your business. Leverage on our knowledgebase, capabilities and resources to achieve the true potential of your IT systems.
Server Administration services are offered at only RM 318 Per Month, which includes:
2 hours per month administration
Server Administration Checks
Monthly Managed Services Report
You can also combine the Server General Administration services with our Managed Server Security services for a bundled price of only RM 530 Per Month. This bundled promotion includes:
2 hours per month managed server administration
2 hours per month managed server security
Server Administration Checks
Server Security Checks
Monthly Managed Services report
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