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Server Backup & Restore

High Availability Data
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, lost or missing data resulted in $1.4 billion in lost business productivity every year. When it comes to your critical data, it's a good practice to put in place a well-planned backup strategy. System disruption, virus attack and intrusion put your data at risk. Not only adversely affect productivity and privacy, but worst of all, the unforeseen events can cause data loss. A well planned data backup service acts as an insurance policy for your business data.

Backup & Restore

Protect and preserve your data with RapidCloud Backup and Restore, a suite of data storage, retrieval and system backup services for today's enterprises. Innovative technological solutions, in-depth knowledge base and responsive customer support constitutes the three cornerstones of our managed backup services.

Once you subscribe to our managed backup services, your data is automatically backup at regular interval, 24x7, to minimise the risk of data loss. Our backup best practices include high-speed, real-time data replication, in-built system-wide redundancies and incremental and full backup schedule to optimise storage and speed.
In the unfortunate event that there is a hardware failure causing data loss, we also provide you the service to restore your last backup copy to your server so that you will be able run your operations back to normal and to minimise the data loss.

Leverage on our world-class backup technologies, highly trained administrators and second-to-none customer support to safeguard your data and minimise data loss. At RapidCloud, we always strive to provide you peace of mind, at all times!

Service Plans
You can choose from our affordable Managed Backup & Restore service plans below to suit your business needs:
Managed Server Backup Facility
Setup Fee
500 GB (Windows / Linux) over USB Hard Disk
(Worth RM 200)
RM 318 / month
1 TB (Win / Linux) over Network Attached Storage (NAS)
(Worth RM 200)
RM 530 / month
Data Restoration (Per Incident)
RM 318 one time
One Month Refundable Deposit Required, yearly contract
Inclusive Installation, Software License & Hardware
5 / 10 / 15% discount for 6 / 12 / 24 months pre-payment
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