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Easily register a domain name to create a professional presence of your business on the Internet.

If your domain is currently registered with another company, make the right choice and transfer your domain to RapidCloud.


RapidCloud offers one of the widest choices of domain names for you to choose from. We offer one flat rate for new domain registration, domain transfer and renewal.


Quickly deploy scalable and reliable website with abundance of features including professional e-mail accounts.


Cost-effective way to get your full featured e-mail accounts with web-based facility up and running within 24 hours.



Cost-effective solution to MS SQL 2008 Database facilities with easy manageability and high reliability.


On-line credit card processing, digital certificate and web hosting facilities to build your very own
e-commerce enabled website.


Cost-effective solution to place your web, mail, database or application servers in our full-featured Internet Data Centres facility.


At RapidCloud, we have the expertise, technology and infrastructure to provide the best environment for your servers so that you will be able to outsource your server co-location services to us professionally.


Full control over a leased server and enjoy Internet Data Centre facilities with low start-up cost and IT investment.


RapidCloud offers comprehensive administrative services designed to manage the complexity of your IT system. We help you to ensure your IT server achieves maximum uptime and always operate at its optimum level.


RapidCloud provides Managed Server Security services to help you in managing your server security. RapidCloud will provide the expertise to monitor and ensure your server is secure.


Protect and preserve your data with RapidCloud Backup and Restore, a suite of data storage, retrieval and system backup services for today's enterprises.


With ServerTRACKER!, RapidCloud’s real-time monitoring services, you can quickly detect, respond and resolve any problem. RapidCloud ServerTRACKER! system tracks and constantly monitors your IT system


Firewalls are appliances that attempts to contain network security breaches. It is one of the main components in making your IT systems secure.


RapidCloud provides a Technical Audit Service to businesses that requires an assessment of their office network. With the audit, we will also provide reports, analysis and suggestions for the company's management decision making.


thawte is a global provider of digital certificate solutions that provide Internet users with peace of mind when sending information to web sites, sending e-mails, and downloading computer code over the Internet.


InstantWEB! allows you to create an informational homepage within seconds while waiting for your official website to be ready. This is definitely a better alternative to the common and dull "Under Construction" page.


With DesignWEB!, you will have a complete professional website that is built according to your design and contents preference.


TotalWEB! Lite is our "Do It Yourself" program for you to build and maintain your own website. It allows you to sell your products or services without any web design or programming skills easily.


Need a cost effective solution and full control over your website? RapidCloud ManageWEB! is the solution for you! It is a fully functional and powerful Content Management System.


It doesn't matter what business you are running. As long as you have something to sell online, then we have the right solutions for you.


PortalWEB! is a portal building block from RapidCloud that enables our customers to roll out a website portal to cater for specific industry needs. PortalWEB! will provide you with the features that you would require to have an online presence and generate revenue efficiently in your specific business space.


Package deals may not suit everyone’s business needs. RapidCloud understands that every business is different. That is why we don’t just leave you with a cookie cutter solution. Talk to us and we will guide you through getting that customised website that fits your business needs perfectly!


MobileGATE! Premium is the ideal business-class SMS gateway facilities for companies and enterprises to connect their mobile applications to our SMS gateway to send and receive premium SMS.


MobileGATE! Bulk is a service that allows your software application to send bulk SMS. Set up a connection to our gateway through API (Application Programming Interface) and send bulk SMS to thousands of people!


MobileACE! is a bulk SMS service that allows you to send one or 50, 000 SMS with just a click of a button!


SMS based applications are the most prevalent services in the wireless world. SMS remains the most efficient means of "pushing" content on to the mobile devices.


RapidCloud now offers a simple and highly-reliable Cloud DR which minimises business risks.


Monitoring have never been so easy. ServerTRACKER! provides automated around-the-clock monitoring of your websites and servers.


FilterMAIL! is an e-mail filtering service that provides powerful and scalable spam and virus-blocking capabilities that do not bog down e-mail servers.


A load balancer can be used to increase the capacity of a server farm beyond that of a single server.It can also allow the service to continue even in the face of server down time due to server failure or server maintenance.


RapidCloud SmartSHARE! is the flexible portal solution that lets you upload and distribute information easily. With SmartSHARE!, large amount of information could be distributed easily without the need for the user to be technically knowledgeable.


E-mail is undeniably an important tool in every business these days. That is why it is important to maintain your server uptime. RapidCloud BackupMAIL! solution provides an alternative destination to your e-mail in the event your existing e-mail server in unavailable. is an ideal trading and sourcing hub on the Internet. It's a vibrant community of buyers and suppliers. If you're a supplier, you can showcase your products at an online showroom. If you are sourcing for products, you can easily browse through the ever-expanding products directory.


MailCAST! is a solution developed to ease your e-mail marketing campaign activities. The solution is fully integrated with your legacy CRM / database. MailCAST! will help you to up-sell and cross-sell new and existing customers in a cost-efficient manner whilst increasing brand awareness and bottom line profitability.


Let us manage all your online marketing activities from beginning till the end. We will work closely with you to ensure the success of your online marketing plan which includes E-mail Marketing, SMS Marketing and Internet Trade Portal listing. All you have to do is to provide us with the contents for your online marketing activities, and let us do the work for you.

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