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Activation And Features

FilterMAIL! is among the easiest services to activate. For standard configuration, only the DNS MX record needs to be changed to point to the FilterMAIL! server. Migration is completely seamless and the user will not notice any changes other than a reduced number of spam mails and a daily notification mail.

  • Running on a hardened UNIX platform, each FilterMAIL! G4 server achieve no less than 9.0 out of 10 in the CIS Security Benchmark Checker v1.4.2.
  • Multiple defense shields with unique modular architecture that allows new defense shields to be downloaded and installed automatically as spamming techniques evolve.
  • Low maintenance with
    Hourly automatic update of spam rules
    Hourly update of anti-virus definitions
    Hourly update of gray lists
    Real-time spam inoculation
    Real-time update of black lists
  • Intelligent multi-layer monitoring of external dependencies. FilterMAIL! is able to monitor external servers for troubleshooting. Some servers monitored include:
    Layer 3 - IP Ping response time
    Layer 3 - Route Tracing
    Layer 7 - DNS server response time
    Layer 7 - NTP server response time
    Layer 7 - LDAP server response time
    Layer 7 - FilterMAIL! Community Update Service
  • Flexible alert system to identify issues before they become problems. When various system thresholds are reached, FilterMAIL! administrators are alerted via
  • Complete SMTP conformance according to RFC 821 and RFC 2821.
  • Ability to provide SMTP authentication at the edge. SMTP authentication can be linked easily to LDAP compliant user directories such as
    SunOne Messaging System
    iPlanet Directory server
    Open source LDAP server
    Oracle database
  • SMTP exception capabilities to control the incoming emails from relay and authentication.
  • Flexible handling of detect spam messages includes:
    Blocking spam from entering
    Copying spam to special accounts
    Quarantine of spam for users / administrators to view
    Forwarding of spam to special accounts
    Subject rewriting to warn users of spam
    Stripping dangerous attachments from messages
  • Easy but Powerful Web based GUI for user's management of Personal Quarantine Center and Rules Center
  • Powerful Statistics and Reporting. FilterMAIL! can provide statistics and reporting via tables or graphs. Some statistics and reports are:
    Number of spam email received
    Total number of spam messages detected
    Total number of executable virus messages detected and discarded
    Total number of virus messages detected and discarded
    Total number of relay attempts
FilterMAIL! Packages
Total Mailboxes
Price Per Mailbox
1-10 RM 5 / Month / Mailbox
RM 4 / Month / Mailbox
51-100 RM 3 / Month / Mailbox
101 and above
RM 2 / Month / Mailbox
Activation and Features
System Architecture
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