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All companies, irrespective of its industry, can benefit from having a website portal to complement its conventional customer approach. For example, a Book Store can have an online book portal to cater for web purchases, News Agencies can have online news portal to allow viewers to read the latest news and Talent Recruitment Agencies can have an online job portal where talents can submit and update their resume.

PortalWEB! is a portal building block from RapidCloud that enables our customers to roll out a website portal that caters for specific industry needs. PortalWEB! will provide you with the features that you would require to have an online presence and generate revenue efficiently in your specific business space. We understand that each and every industry has its own requirement; hence we have the solution that caters to fit the business rules of your industry.

PortalWEB! is also fully customisable to fit specific unique needs within your organisation, so you can continue capitalising on your strength even on the website portal.

Below are some examples of how PortalWEB! can help organisations in different industries:


Industry Web Portals

Talent Recruitment Agencies

An online Job Portal can be developed to allow for candidates to submit their resume online and to look for suitable job positions. On the other hand, potential Employers will be able to post job openings and search for resume of candidates.

An online Job Portal will benefit Talent Recruitment agencies in terms of:

Creating a new sales revenue from online posting of jobs by Employers
Lowering Operational cost with candidates doing the data entries of their resume on their own
Creation of immediate database for Talent search services offered
Enhance reach to talents and also Employers via the Internet

News Agencies

An online News Portal provides readers to access the media with more ease as News Agencies will now be able to provide information via the Internet. News can then be accessed anywhere and anytime, allowing more interactive communication with the readers. This will help create reader stickiness to your brand.

An online News Portal will benefit the News Agencies in terms of:

Having a new reader base from the Internet
2. Ability to have latest news available instantaneously to readers on the Internet
3. Ability to launch new Internet based news services such as Video Streaming news, headlines e-mail & SMS notification
4. Creating interaction with the readers via moderated news comments, discussion boards and polls
5. Create alternative revenue stream from services such as paid news notification via e-mail & SMS

Book Stores

An online Book Store Portal enables a book store to display available books online, allowing customers to find and purchase easily. An e-commerce enabled Book Store Portal allows Book Stores to reach to customer where they do not have a presence and thus having a wider net of potential customers.

An online Book Store Portal will benefit the Book Stores in terms of:

Having an additional source of sales via e-commerce book purchases
2. Ability to broadcast marketing activities and information newsletters to members easily
3. Creating a new customer base from Internet customers
4. Indirectly reducing operating cost from Sales staff at outlet if more customer purchase from the Internet
5. Wider reach to potential customers where Book Stores do not have a branch


The list above is just some examples of how PortalWEB! can enhance a organisation’s business. To find out how we can assist you to create a website portal that suits your industry in general and organisation in specific, contact our Sales Professionals now for a free consultancy session.

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