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Internet Data Centre

RapidCloud has data centre coverage in all 2 major Internet Data Centre (IDC) in Malaysia (TM Net and NTT). This provides our customers with unbiased choices of leading data centre facilities in Malaysia. Internet services provided is targeted at corporate users and high-end home users. RapidCloud’s network operating centre (“NOC”) is located at 2 Server Farm; TM Net at Brickfields and NTT IDC in Cyberjaya. As MSC designated areas, Cyberjaya is positioned to become the heart of IT development and infrastructure in this region.

Each of the Multi-Million Dollar (built at a cost in excess of RM 20 million each) NOC is designed to provide an environment necessary to keep servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week securely and efficiently. The IDCs have redundant power supplies and multiple Internet providers peering (NTT MSC, TMnet, NTT, MaxisNet, TimeNet) using BGP-4 routing technology for faster connection and redundancy.

RapidCloud also has a data centre in Singapore (Telin) .

Malaysia Internet Data Centre
Own Building ISP Class IDC
> RM 20 Million
20,000 SF
24x7 Network Monitoring
BGP 4 Routing
- Doorcard
- Biometric
- Guard
Fire Extinguisher (Gas Based)
Raised Flooring
Dual Power Source (99.99%)
Diesel Genset
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Biometric Security System

Biometric control devices, which has been installed to all the entrances. Smart card is used to record any authentication, containing the user identification, finger print and digital signature.

Biometric attendance booth - All permission are requested through this booth. User can choose to use the digital signature or the finger print for authentication to the IDC premises. Booths are located at the main entrances of every floor for easy accessibility. Our biometric system is supported by remote monitoring tools/server, which has been installed in the biometric control server.


CCTV cameras are situated at every strategic location inside and outside the building, capturing various angle for tight security measures. Further more, inside the IDC building is fully equipped with monitoring services which control and monitor the internal security behavior. Surveillance cameras are installed on every row between racks, and alongside the server room. Every movement will be recorded to the tape recorder for future security purposes. The monitoring control centre is located in both the IDC Network operation center and the IDC guard room, which is being monitored 24x7x365.
Malaysia IDC Power Supply

RapidCloud IDC is equipped with an 8 x 200kVA capacity of uninterruptible power supply, with 20 minutes full load battery backup system.

Liebert power supply and distribution unit is each of 100kVA capacity.

Air Conditioning & Gas-based Fire Suppression System

RapidCloud IDC uses 12 PCU-Precision Cooling Unit, with 50% humidity control and 20 degrees centigrade for server health. It works with Dehumidifier to control the humidity of the server room.
FM200 Fire Extinguisher

All Data Centres are equipped with gas based fire supression system to protect server and network equipments. Together with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), this is an extremly efficient mechanism against fire damage in Data Centre environment.

If you need to know about our Singapore internet data centre facilities, please Contact Us.

Single Server Co-Location
Windows / Linux Dedicated Server

Multiple Server Co-Location

Internet Data Centres Overview
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