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dedicated hosting
Full Control, Improved Reliability & Higher Security
Forget about sharing and take full control over an entire server. Enjoy the facilities and infrastructure of 3 ISP-Class Internet Data Centres backed by our 24x7 professional support team for your peace of mind. With RapidCloud
Co-location or Dedicated Server facility, you can save millions of dollars from building your own data centre.
Dedicated Hosting is suitable for you if:
You need full access and control over your server
Your website or portal requires high processing power
You need very high data security
You are running a high traffic website or portal

You need to install specific applications for your website


RapidCloud provides a range of services to cater for your dedicated hosting needs. Our range of dedicated hosting plans are highly flexible to suit everyone's needs and budget, from mission-critical e-commerce to high-traffic corporate e-mails to beginners' websites.


RapidCloud Server Co-location service allows you to locate your server(s) in one of our three ISP-Class Internet Data Centre floor space with flexibility to customise your requirements.

RapidCloud Dedicated Server service provides you with full control without the need to purchase your own server. We will purchase, setup and rent the server to you so that you do not need to incur high outright cost for your business.
Click on any of the Dedicated Hosting services below for more information.

Single Server Co-Location
Windows / Linux Dedicated Server

Multiple Server Co-Location

Internet Data Centres Overview
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