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   My iBeli - Join Now Monday, October 15, 2018
Selling Overview

Please follow the steps below to sell your products on iBeli.com.

1. Register
To sell or promote your products on iBeli.com, you first need to become a member. Simply click on the "Join Now" link on the top-right corner of any iBeli.com page and follow the process. Then you can promote your products to attract buyers.

2. Post Products and Selling Leads
You can add detailed specifications to your products and edit them at any time. You will also have a Company Profile page to present a general introduction of your business. Newly posted information will be added to the Trade Alert section and sent to interested buyers.

3. Explore Buying Leads
Browse buying requests (Buying Leads) by category or open searching.

4. Contact buyers
Once you find a potential buyer for your products, you can contact him/her by sending a quotation.