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FilterMAIL! is an e-mail filtering service that provides powerful and scalable spam and virus-blocking capabilities that do not bog down e-mail servers. The infrastructure can scale to support any number of active e-mail users. The defence system multiple defence shields protects your users from spam and viruses. A defence shield is a layer of software protection. Defence shields are arranged in pipeline architecture to optimise mail filtering. FilterMAIL! is designed to be completely flexible and modular so that new defence shields can be added and removed easily after deployment. As spamming techniques will invariably evolve, FilterMAIL! defence shields will evolve too and be able to filter successfully.

Some examples of defence shields are:
  • Domain black list block
  • IP white list allow
  • IP community gray list analysis
  • Virus check with archive decompression
  • Proprietary virus check
  • User-specified rules
  • Spam Inoculation (Also known by some as spam fingerprint check)
  • Non-naïve Bayesian statistical analysis
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FilterMAIL! Packages
Total Mailboxes
Price Per Mailbox
1-10 RM 5.30 / Month / Mailbox
RM 4.24 / Month / Mailbox
51-100 RM 3.18 / Month / Mailbox
101 and above
RM2.12 / Month / Mailbox
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System Architecture
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