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You can have most of your questions answered by reading our Frequently Asked Questions at the following FAQ sections. We continuously update these sections whenever we encounter new questions. Please check it regularly for additional information. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at
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Technical FAQs

1. How fast is your connection?
2. What Operating System does your server runs on?
3. In this case, should I know Linux commands?
4. Can I manage my own website?
5. What are the benefits from joining these programs?
6. What is the assistance that I could get?
01   How fast is your connection?
Our servers are strategically located at 3 ISP class Data Centre running on 100 MBps internal with a National Internet backbone at OC-48 fiber optic connection. The speed of an OC-48 is more than 60 times faster than T1, E1 or even T3 lines. By having your website hosted by RapidCloud, you can be assure that your website will be accessible to any readers in the world at a blazing speed.
02   What Operating System does your server runs on?
Our servers use Linux (UNIX-Based) and Windows 2008 Server Operating System. With Linux and Windows 2008 running as the network operating system, you can be sure that our servers are extremely stable and thus bringing this benefit to you via your website.
03   In this case, should I know Linux commands?
No, you do not need to be a Linux Guru. All the things that you need to do such as uploading, downloading your website, creating POP e-mail accounts, aliasing, autoresponders can be done without the need of having the knowledge of Linux commands. Certain complex procedures will be done by our technical supports. All you need to do is just e-mail to us stating what services you need and we will do it for you for free.
04   Can I manage my own website?
Yes, of course. We only hosts your website and provide technical supports to you. You will be the one in-charged in maintaining your website. You can modify your website at any time via FTP or Frontpage at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (24x7x365).
05   Can I resell this program?
As mentioned earlier, you can earn money and free web hosting by joining these programs. You will even get residual income by reselling packages, meaning that for one client you have, you get fixed income for it every month. The more clients you have, the more fixed income you get monthly. This amount of income will grow monthly.
06   What is the assistance that I could get if I resell this program?
You get full technical assistance from us. For this, you can serve your customers with full confidence. We will not deal directly with your clients.
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