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   My iBeli - Join Now Monday, October 15, 2018
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iBeli.com Success Case

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“Linked, Hooked and Sealed in 21 days”
A Success Chronicle from LongBiz Leatherware Trading
We have been a thriving name in the leather bag design industry for the past 35 years. Operating from Malaysia, we deal with leather merchandise as well as its designs. The nature of our industry demands an urgent need to upkeep with trends and the establishment of trade partners in terms of supplies and products.

Since signing up as a member of iBeli.com we have managed to introduce a new paradigm to the conventional way of supplier sourcing. Being a rookie when it comes to internet trading, the company has seen a boost in the efficiency of buyer seller matching with iBeli.com; thanks to the constant updates of their latest products list. After exploring this portal using its user friendly navigation buttons, we have found iBeli.com to be a reliable tool to the world of business opportunities and online product sourcing. It also acts as an excellent platform for international business networking and expandability.

It has been a month of daily trading via this superb site and we have been in contact with suppliers from China, India and Thailand. All suppliers were resourceful and prompt with their replies and quotes. With the support of the technical and the customer service team at iBeli.com we managed to secure our first 5000 products deal within two weeks. In total we received the goods at our doorsteps in 3 weeks. All of this was done in a record time of 21 days. Eureka! We have found our trade solutions at iBeli.com.

Mr. Ho Kwang
Director of LongBiz Leatherware Trading
Selangor, Malaysia

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