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What is iBeli.com?
What can iBeli.com do for your business?
Key benefits for buyers
Key benefits for sellers

What is iBeli.com

iBeli.com is a global matchmaker platform designed to help small to mid-sized companies. We match buyers and sellers in both domestic and international markets.

With iBeli.com you can promote you business around the world and find the right trading partners quickly and easily.


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What can iBeli.com do for your business?

Success in business often comes down to who you trade with. Find the right partners, and you are much more likely to prosper.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, iBeli.com help you find these partners and establish successful trading relationships for today and tomorrow.


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Key benefits for buyers

If you are a buyer, iBeli.com offers a comprehensive sourcing tool that enables you to search a large database of active sellers across a wide range of industries.

* Lower sourcing cost and enhanced discovery
* Lower your product sourcing costs.
* Find qualified new suppliers quickly and easily.
* Fulfill urgent product needs.
* Negotiate and propose quotations better.
* Get up-to-date information about sellers’ products.
* Reduce your interaction and communication costs.
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Key benefits for sellers

If you are a seller, iBeli.com is a powerful platform for you to promote your goods and services to active buyers around the world.

* Showcase your products and promotions online.
* Find global buyers quickly and effectively.
* Enjoy a cost-effective and powerful sales channel.
* Get priority product listings in our searchable database.
* Lower your customer acquisition and selling costs.
* Increase online enquires for your products.
* Establish a compelling web presence for your company and products.
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