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Many businesses rely on Disaster Recovery (DR) services to prevent either man-made or natural disasters from causing expensive service disruptions. Unfortunately, most DRaaS services come either at a very high cost or with only basic backup service.

Current best practice is to minimise downtime includes periodic backup of data to disc/tape that are trucked offsite or to continuously synchronise replication of data between geographically separated sites which proves to be more troublesome and costlier than anticipated.

RapidCloud now offers a simple, affordable and highly reliable Cloud DRaaS Service which minimise business risks. Recovery archives can be powered on and run directly off our cloud infrastructure within minutes.
How It Works
  • All data are stored in a localised secured cloud with high bandwidth capabilities to ensure fast and easy recovery of crucial information
  • DRaaS leverage on AppAssure technology to provide a seamless solution catering for all industry at an affordable investment
Data Protection through DRaaS
Benefits of the Cloud DRaaS
  • Cloud DRaaS Solution is based on monthly subscription to provide an OPEX (Operating Expenditure) model instead of high initial outlay.
  • Reduces the need for decision making when disaster happens.
  • Gives you the confidence that your server applications can continue should any unexpected disruption occurs.
  • Minimises financial impact, downtime and operational risk.
  • Fulfillment of expectations on Business Continuity process and Risk Mitigation exercise.
Cloud DRaaS Subscription Plans
Cloud Solution
  • 1 Virtual Machine
  • 2 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 10 Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
  • DRaaS Control Panel
  • Low-TTL DNS Facility
  • One-time Setup Fee RM 2,000
  • Monthly Subscription Fee RM 2,500
  • 12 Months Subscription Contract
Need To Find Out More?
Contact our consultants if you have further enquiries on regards to our Server Monitoring services or if you would require customised Server Monitoring facilities.
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